Innovation Contribution

Since its establishment, RIPED has received nearly 650 research awards at national and corporate levels for its significant contribution to the establishment and development of the following theories:

  • Theories of China's Non-marine Petroleum Geology
    Non-marine Oil Generation
    Dominating Role of Source Rocks
    Composite Oil/Gas Accumulation Zones
    Non-marine Deposit & Reservoir Geology
    Coal-derived Oil
  • Theories of China's Gas Geology
    Coal-derived Gas
    Forming Conditions of Medium-and-large Gas Fields
  • Theories of Waterflooding in Non-marine Sandstone Reservoirs of China

Through its devoted efforts in theoretical and technological innovation, RIPED has developed a series of important techniques and expertise in the following fields:

  • Optimizing for Exploration Targets
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • FDP Development
  • Oil/Gas Resources Assessment
  • Pre-stack Seismic Prediction
  • Thermal Recovery
  • Expandable Tubing
  • Software Development
Innovation Capacity

RIPED has 53 research departments, and serves as CNPC’s major R&D base for fundamental research, key S&T programs, major technical innovation and field tests. Currently, its businesses cover oil/gas exploration, oil/gasfield development, oil/gas production engineering, informatization & standardization, exploration & development of new energy, overseas technical support, etc. Its responsibilities mainly include:

  • Oil/Gas Resources Assessment
  • Major Applied & Fundamental Theories and Technical R&D for Exploration and Development
  • Technical Introduction & Training
  • Oil/Gas Resources Assessment
  • Overseas Technical Support and Service