RIPED boasts its well equipped 2 national level and 14 CNPC level research laboratories, which are important bases for fundamental and technological development innovations.

State Key Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery

Authorized by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of PRC, the State Key Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery (SKL-EOR) was established in April, 2008. It is one of the first 36 state key laboratories based in industries in China. SKL-EOR is supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Prof. SONG Xinmin, vice president of RIPED, serves as the director of SKL-EOR, and Mr. HAN Dakuang, academician of CAE, works as the director of SKL-EOR Academic Committee.

According to the development strategy of Chinese petroleum industry, SKL-EOR focuses its research activities on fundamental theory research and applied techniques development. Its research areas cover oil & gas accumulation and evaluation, reservoirs & fluid flow through porous media, water flooding, chemical flooding, gas injection and thermal recovery.

In the light of the strategy of “ Openness, Mobility, Collaboration, Competition”, SKL-EOR has been making every endeavor to strengthen academic exchange and cooperation, promote integration of research and application , propel the EOR technology progress, and develop its independent capacity for technology innovation.

National R&D Center of Shale Gas

Authorized by National Energy Administration, NDRC, the National R&D Center of Shale Gas (NRCSG) was set up at CNPC Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development -Langfang (RIPED-Langfang) on August 20, 2010.

NRSG aims at, through integrating research and operation, building into a R&D center and information base in China for technology development, engineering service and talent training in the field of shale gas exploration and production.